What We Believe

What are the doctrinal positions of RTBC?
We have a booklet entitled "What We Believe." In summary, we are an evangelical church. We believe in the inerrancy of the Bible and that, Jesus is fully God and fully man. We believe in the sufficiency of Christ’s death on the cross for our salvation.

What type of Baptist Church is RTBC?
RTBC is a Southern Baptist Church, and a member of the Southern Baptist Convention (www.sbc.net), Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network (www.bcmd.org), and the Arundel Baptist Network (www.arundelbaptist.info).

Maps and Facilities

Do you have a map of the facility?
Yes. It is on the wall display in the foyer and food court.
You can also view the facility map by clicking here.

How large is the building?
The building is 62,000 square feet and the parking lot holds 300 cars.

How large are the rooms?
The seating capacity of the Worship Center is 850, the Food Court is 125 and the Training Center is 65.


How do we baptize people at RTBC?
We practice believer’s baptism by immersion.  In other words, we only baptize those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. We do not baptize infants, however, we do have child dedications.

Where does RTBC baptize people?
Our baptisms take place during worship services, in the bay at special events,  or in private pools.

How often do we baptize people?
Approximately 8 to 10 times a year.

Why do you baptize by immersion?
We believe the pattern followed by the early church was to baptize believers through immersion. We see that modeled by Jesus Christ Himself as He was baptized by John.

Is baptism required for membership?

What do I do if I want to be baptized?
Your first step is to contact the pastoral assistant or complete a connection card. You will be contacted to setup an appointment with one of pastors or deacons.

Do you have to be baptized to be a Christian?
No. We believe that baptism is a demonstration of one’s faith and is in obedience to Jesus’ teaching.

Child Dedication

What is Child Dedication?
It is a commitment on the part of parent(s) to raise their child in such a way as to nurture a relationship with Jesus Christ. Child Dedication is offered 2 times a year.

How do I request Child Dedication?
Check your interest on a connection card and put it either in the offering plate or a Riva Link box, located in the foyer.


How often does RTBC have communion?
Approximately 6 times per year during the Sunday morning worship services, and at various other times throughout the year. Different ministries may celebrate communion at other times.

Can I take communion if I am not a member?
Yes, anyone who has placed their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation may partake in communion.


How long has Pastor Gray been the Senior Pastor?
Since February 1987.

How many pastors do you have?
We have 2 pastors.

Leadership Structure

What is your leadership structure?
We have a congregational form of government in which the church membership elects elders who lead the congregation. The elders are involved in vision, direction, policy, membership, discipline, and fiscal oversight. The senior pastor is the primary visionary leader and is responsible to develop a staff to direct the day-to-day ministry of the church. The staff is responsible to equip volunteer leaders to expand the ministry as we seek to fulfill our mission of evangelism and discipleship to impact Anne Arundel County and the world with the message of Jesus Christ.


How many attend RTBC?
Average worship attendance is 350 adults. Vital Link Student mininstry is about 40-50 students. KidzCentral is about 80 children.

Are both of your services alike?


What is church membership?
Membership is an expression of commitment to Jesus Christ and to the mission of RTBC.  It is saying, I believe in where RTBC is going and I am wholeheartedly committed to it and to following its leaders. Each member is expected to be nurturing their relationship with Jesus Christ, attending worship services, participating in a small group or other fellowship/growth opportunity, and getting involved in ministry using their time, talents, and gifts given them by God.

How do I become a member?
The first step is to attend a Membership Class, which is held periodically throughout the year. After attending the class, complete a short membership application and meet with one of our deacons or elders who will then recommend you to the Elder Board for membership approval.

When is the Membership Class?
It is a 3-week class held 3 to 4 times a year, on Sunday mornings and/or Wednesday evenings.  

Is membership required to participate in ministry?
No, many ministries are open for anyone to participate in.  However, if one is becoming a leader, they will be expected to be a member or to be actively moving toward membership.

Adult Bible Studies and Growth Groups

Adult Bible Studies
Our Adult Bible studies meet on Sunday mornings at both 9:15AM and 11:00AM and Wednesday evenings at 6:30PM. In addition our Men's Ministry (Band of Brothers) has a Tuesday evening Bible study and our Women's Ministry has a Thursday morning Bible Study.

What are growth groups?
Growth groups are the perfect place to build deep friendships, grow in your walk with God, and be equipped to use your gifts in ministry.  These groups seek personal application of the Bible, pray for one another, and participate in activities together.

What types of groups are there?
RTBC offers a variety of groups (over 30) meeting in homes and coffee shops around the county, as well as at Riva Trace during the week.  There are groups for couples, singles, women, men, study groups, and support groups.

How do I get into a growth group?
During the enrollment time for each of our 3 semesters fill out a communication card, visit our website or the growth group kiosk.

Christian School

Do you have a Christian school?
Yes. Preschool Only.